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Among the most important artifacts discovered in the Romanian cultural and historical space are the mysterious gold coins bearing the legend KOΣΩN.

We know that these are Dacian coins, because they were discovered only in the Sarmizegetusa area. We do not know who minted them, when and why. The fascination of the Koson is hard to explain in words, the people interested in the ancient history of Romania and numismatists being extremely passionate about them.

The coins have been mentioned since the 16th century by various historians and numismatists, the first record being in the writings of Erasmus of Rotterdam. Today, the coins can be found in the collections of various museums and in private collections, in Romania or all around the world; the interest in the coins comes also from the media, which, from time to time, has news concerning fabulous discoveries from the Orăștie mountains, around Sarmizegetusa. The scientific world have also shown a great interest, studied them for a long time, and this chapter of numismatics is one of the most passionate and controversial. Unfortunately, the coins also attracted the attention of treasure robbers, the traffic with coins being of a destructive nature.

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